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        About our company Why Choose Us since 2004

        SCplus Co.,Ltd.

        was established in 2004. Our headquarter located in Shanghai and we have our own manufacturing facilities in Shandong Province. 

        Now our company has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, 

        production and sales across the province. Especially we have filled the industrial blank in our domestic market with our self-developed polymer felt belts.

        We also owned more than 30 intellectual properties, along with 4 patent of invention.

        We are focused on applications for high speed cutting, paper cutting, printing, flexible cutting, heat transfer and various machineries in our related industries.

        Quality AssuranceHOT PRODUCTS


        They tell you stories!
        Holiday Notice of Spring Festival Holiday Notice of Spring FestivalDear customers, Thanks for your support to SCplus Co., Ltd. during 2020.Our company(Finance Dept, Logistic Dept and factory) will have the yearly vacation from Feb 5th, 2021 to Feb 17th, 2021.During the days, our c